Below is the information for ICOM 2018. Leanna Castro (the Assistant Camp Director) and Megan Calfas (the 2019 Staff Director) are currently in the process of hiring ICOM 2019, for this upcoming summer. While they gather a team full of Camp love and delight, feel free to check out the bios of last year’s crew. It is on the foundation of their glorious legacy we stand, ready to forge ahead into the bright, glittery, goofy Camp future! Huzzah!


What's ICOM?

Great question! ICOM is short for Interview Committee. We are the lucky folks who get to interview you after you turn in your application! We're also the ones you'll see in White Plaza passing out flyers, in dining halls hosting info sessions, and in dorms and community centers talking about Camp in the Fall. In short, we are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the amazing individuals who will make up the Staph of Summer 2018! We have Coordinators for Diversity and Inclusion who will make sure that we hire a staph that is as representative of the Stanford student body as possible, an Individual Instructor Coordinator who will focus on finding talented and passionate sports instructors, art instructors, music directors, etc., a Kids Group Coordinator who will work with kids counselors to create fun, educational programming for the kids at Camp, a Ski Dock Head who will be responsible for the safety and organization of the watersports for guests and staff, and Staff Community Coordinators who work to make the staff community inclusive and supportive for everyone.

You can Sign up for a 1-on-1 chat with anyone on Icom to ask any questions about Camp, learn about their Camp experience, or the hiring process.