You'd be amazed what you'll get paid to do at Sierra Camp. Want to teach people to waterski? Take guests on hikes through Desolation Wilderness? Spend the afternoon on the lake with your kids group? The short list includes counselors for kids from ages 3 to 18, individual instructors, kitchen staff, ski dock staff, individual instructors, and more. See Summer Staff Job Descriptions for a complete list of work opportunities. When you fill out your application, name your top picks. We're also open to any particular skills or ideas you may have so go ahead and create your own position.

Staffers are scheduled for a 5 1/2 day, 47 hour work week. Even during your off time, however, you might find yourself wanting to check on kids around the boatdock, acting as a junglegym for the Snoopers, or giving your fellow staffer a helping hand with a kayak or a stack of plates. During your regular work-week, about half of your hours are spent doing the specific job for which you are hired. For example, a counselor for the 9 to 10 year-old Yahoos works with that group 20 to 25 hours each week.

In addition to their specific job, each staffer works a number of special shifts. These shifts range from running the basketball tournament to leading a discussion on a book or topic of your choice to working in the camp store to playing your guitar. Check out Special Shift Descriptions for a more complete list of possibilities.


In addition to job-specific hours and special shifts, everyone's schedule includes a number of other tasks each week. Some of these tasks are routine and strenuous but are critical to keep Camp running smoothly. They include cleaning, serving meals in the dining room, making beds, and a host of other jobs. While these might not seem too exciting, former staffers will tell you that some of these less glamorous jobs are definitely their favorites. The staff thrives on encouragement and enthusiasm, regardless of what's on the schedule.

The pay for the summer, including tips, comes out to approximately $6,000 before taxes, with room and board provided. Competetive earnings, limited expenses, and a team-oriented staff of Stanford students make for a summer job, a summer experience like no other.

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