Special Shifts

While half of a typical Camp schedule is based on a staffer's position (kids' programming, individual instruction, etc), the rest of the time is split between taking care of Camp's basic needs (meal service, life guarding, boat dock, and housekeeping) and Special Shifts! Special Shifts are a time to be creative and share what you love -- they are loved by both guests and staff alike. Check out the list below!

Astronomy (Astrocruise & Telescopes)

Ever look up at the night sky and wonder about the big questions?  Ever answer some of those questions with stories?  Regale your captive audience on Boatster with your knowledge of ancient epics and modern myths, enchanting all with your dramatic voice.  Or maybe you answered those questions with timeless equations and universal laws?  Expound on the latest astrophysics while pointing the telescopes. 

Basketball Tournament
Hoops fanatics are needed to run this afternoon-long program that has soared in popularity over the past few years.  The 2 on 2 tournament appeals to guests with a variety of skill levels and ages, so it can be a challenge to satisfy both the competitive adults and the eager kids.  But most folks come to the tourney just to get some exercise and have fun. 

Boaster Cruises
Come up with your own theme and take adult guests for a spin around the lake on Boatster, Camp's 18-seater pontoon boat.  You and a partner prepare food and drinks for the trip and provide the entertainment.  Previous themes include: Beer and Chips, Wine and Cheese, Blues Cruise, Boaster and the White Whale, Hollywood Cruise, and Gone with the Boaster.

Every Wednesday, there's a campfire down on our private beach.  Staphers lead the guests in campfire songs, keep the fire alive, and help everyone make s'mores.  This one’s for you if you like to sing, play the guitar or roast marshmallows.

Dance Instruction
Teach the guests how to bust a move.  In the past, we've had square dancing, country-western line dancing, swing, gumboot, belly, tango, salsa, step, hip hop and hula.  What've you got?

Disco Bingo
A highlight of the week for guests of all ages, disco bingo is nothing like any bingo you've ever played before.  Show-off your retro threads, your vintage '70s music collection, and, of course, your moves while calling out the letters and numbers to make lucky winners of a select few.

The Fountain is Camp's store.  A Fountain shift involves selling food, drinks, clothing and other miscellaneous sundries.  Most everyone will have a Fountain shift, but if you're pumped on the Fountain, we could hook you up with some extra hours there. Develop some serious milkshake-making muscles and chat it up with the regulars.

Games Day
Every Wednesday a group of staphers leads family games on the beach.   This is an extremely fun, high energy shift that includes the traditional Wednesday morning trip into town for breakfast and caffeine with the Ski Dock crew, who perform their ski show in front of the beach.

Group Discussions
Basically, anything that you are interested in and guests would find engaging is fair game.  Can be academic or not—something you’re passionate about (global climate change, LSJUMB, Palestine, world travel slide shows, Stanford sports, interior design...anything!).

This is an incredibly coveted shift, possibly one of the best things about Camp.  Hobart means scrubbing dishes like crazy for a few hours while the dining room crew rallies around you and your partner. Learn to throw, catch, and where the heck that tiny spatula goes in the kitchen.

Improv & Drama
Want to teach, play, learn, and grow with other staph and guests? Perform in the weekly improv show, hold a workshop, lead an acting class, or just play; the possibilities are endless. 

Language Hours
Espanol? Francais? Deutsch? Chat it up with interested guests over sangria, wine and brie, or beer and brats. Language hours are a chance to talk travel, culture, and keep yourself sharp for class or a career. We've also had Russian and American Sign Langauge...what do you speak?

Menehune/Yahoo Night
While parents listen to the faculty speaker, a handful of lucky counselors gets to lead 7-year-old through 10-year-old children in organized chaos.  In the past, the entire shift has consisted of playing games, but any ideas for keeping these kids excited and busy are welcome.

Munchkin/Snooper Night
The same concept as Menehune/Yahoo Night, except a little less rowdy.  You can read them stories, perform a puppet show, create a magical world ordo whatever you'd like to do to keep the 3 thru 6-year-olds busy (and happy) while away from mom and dad.

Morning Exercise
Start the day by leading guests in your own self-designed workout.  We're looking for people to lead aerobics, yoga, meditation, stretching, jogging, power walking, or any other type of exercise for the body and/or mind.  Remember, at 6,400 feet above sea level, aerobic activity is a little more taxing.

Music Hour
The music hour crew performs at the Friday evening BBQ.  If you like to sing or play an instrument (guitar, drums, etc.), Camp staph and guests are just about the best, most encouraging audience you could ever ask for.

Puppet Show
For the 3-6 year olds, the puppet show is a highlight of the week.  You and a few co-staphers are in charge of creating the entire show.  The group has the freedom to write elaborate scripts or make it all up on the spot. They'll love whatever you do.      

In the mornings, the mirror-like surface of Fallen Leaf Lake is ideal for rowing, not to mention exquisitely beautiful.  If you have experience with skulls or any desire to learn, here's a great way to get out on the water and help others do the same.

Story Hour
You and a partner take turns reading to kids while their parents are out on a social hike or Boatster cruise.   It's a fun shift, and often adults will listen in on Dr. Seuss and Sweet Pickles classics. Feel free to embellish with some applicable life lessons.

Social Hours
As an organizer of one of Camp's various pre-dinner social hours, you'll have a great opportunity to hob-knob with some of the amazing people who spend their vacation with us.   A knack for cheese tray aesthetics is helpful here, but not essential.

Teen Dance
Put together a mix that will make the teens, staph, some Suaves and a surprising number of parents get Jiggity on Friday nights.  Get a hold of some new hits and old favorites and you'll be ready for this shift.

Town Run
Once a week, you'll load up Camp's recycling and check in with the office about what needs to be done that day.  You'll be driving the red pick-up or a Camp van through town on varied errands. Get the mail, visit the town office, stop by Raley's for birthday cakes... that sort of thing.

Wine Shift
Do you have a knowledge of fine wines?  Ever wish you did?  Sell from our selection of exclusively Stanford-affiliated fermentations during a dinner and show the sophisticated side of Camp.

Create Your Own!
Feel free to come up with more ideas based on your own interests. We love having staphers share their unique passions and talents with camp. From teaching bridge to doing massage workshops to holding knitting socials, the world is your oyster.