Life at Camp

Camp life extends well beyond the specific jobs on your schedule. Staffers work very hard, no doubt, but they also play hard. In addition to your day-and-a-half off each week, you'll have some free time mixed in with your regular schedule. How you spend this time is completely up to you.

You can choose to stay in camp, where you'll have your pick of just about anything you can imagine. You can take out a sailboat, a canoe, or a kayak and enjoy the lake for a while. Or you can play basketball, volleyball, or tennis on Camp's courts. Maybe you'll want to grab a book, play some music, hang with fellow staffers, or write a letter while curling up in the sun on the boat dock. The possibilities are endless!

Know how to wakeboard or waterski? Want to learn? Guests get priority use of the ski boats for most of the day, but staff can ski, tube, wakeboard, or kneeboard when the lake is at its best: early morning and late afternoon. Carving through water as smooth as glass at 5:45am as the sun comes up to brighten the granite-filled Sierras is truly breathtaking.

Camp is located about 20 minutes outside of the town of South Lake Tahoe, CA. While camp is in fairly self-contained place on Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe is close enough to spend an evening in town. It has plenty of restaurants, movie theaters, cool places to hang, night life, and casinos to keep you entertained. Opportunities to go into town usually come once or twice a week.

Your day-and-a-half off is the perfect opportunity for adventures wherever you want to go. Many staffers take time to explore the beautiful peaks, lakes, and trails of Desolation Wilderness, the pristine national wilderness area literally in Sierra Camp's backyard. In the past, groups of staffers have taken overnight trips to Yosemite, visits to friends in the Bay Area, trips to hot springs, adventures at staffers' homes, excursions to local theater productions, afternoons jumping out of planes and even gone to Disneyland!

Work hard, play's all up to you.