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Summer 2018 Application Coming Soon


"Camp gives you the support to be your weird, wonderful self and the love to embrace it. At Camp, you work hard and challenge yourself, but you always have the support of a community that will catch you if you fall along the way. I've never met a more eclectic group of people so accepting of each other." -Konner Brewer, 2016 Ski Dock Instructor
"To me, Camp means sleeping under a sky of shooting stars, wishing the night would never end, but unable to wait for tomorrow to begin. Camp is where you’re not only allowed to be your friendliest, silliest, happiest, and most excited self, but encouraged to. Everyone comes to Camp one person, and leaves changed. That is the beauty of camp - when it ends, you know it is only the beginning of friendships, memories, and self-discoveries that last a lifetime."  - Daniel Cai, 2016 Yahoos Counselor
"Camp is the place where I truly became my best self. I know this sounds cliche, but living in such an amazing place with such amazing people for a whole summer made me so much more comfortable with embracing my weirdness and being myself without worrying about what other people think. Camp taught me to work my butt off and love doing it because I was feeding off the energy of all the other incredible people around me." -Ryan Cole, 2016 Chicken Staff

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Interested in applying to be a GUEST at Stanford Sierra Camp? Make your way to for information on how to get involved in this fantastic family experience. There you'll find a downloadable application, calendar, rates, and more! Feel free to contact the Stanford Sierra Camp office at (530)-541-1244 with any questions.